Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dexter Calves

Here are updated pictures of our calves we had for 2009 on our farm. We ended up with 3 Bull calves and 2 heifer's. They are all so cute and so inquisitive. When we go into the pasture they will cautiously come up to us to check us out. They were so intrigued when I was out there taking pictures of them, they couldn't help but come and see what I was doing.

Nutmeg - "Meg" -- 4/1/09 - Dam: Spruce

Bridger -- 4/3/09 - Dam: Mayflower

Cooper -- 4/6/09 - Dam: Antero

Porter -- 4/15/09 - Dam: Sydnee

Lucy -- 5/28/09 - Dam: Impatients

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